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Dr. WANG Xin (王欣)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: (852) 6563-9481


Research Interests
  • Risk factors, consequences of Internet gaming disorder and potential psychosocial interventions among adolescents.

  • Internet use behaviours, online social networking, online health information seeking, eHealth literacy among older adults and adolescents; and their associations with mental health outcomes and health related risk/protective behaviours.

  • Women Health (i.e., reproductive health services and breastfeeding behaviours)

Selected Publications

1. Wang, X., Tian, Y., Mo, P. K. H.* (In Press). The Associations among Cognitive Social Factors, eHealth Literacy and Health-Promoting Behaviors in Chinese Adolescents. Health Promotion International, 2022.


2. Wu, Z., Wang, X. (co-first), Ding, N., Zhang, G., Zhang, S., Zhao, C., Xu, H., Lai, X., Tu, X., & Yang, X.* (In Press). Do attitudes, mental health status, and interpersonal factors predict COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy at the early phase of the pandemic? A longitudinal study in Chinese college students. Frontier in Psychology, 2022.


3. Mo, P. K., Chan, V. W., Wang Xin., & Lau, J. T. Gender difference in the association between internet addiction, self-esteem and academic aspirations among adolescents: A structural equation modelling. Computers & Education, 2020.


4. Laiyin Cheng, Xin Wang, Phoenix Mo. The effect of home-based intervention with professional support on promoting breastfeeding: a systematic review. International Journal of Public Health, 2019.


5. Xue Yang, Qian Wang (Co-first author), Xin Wang, et al. Associations between supportive environments and posttraumatic growth and mediation through resilience among women living with HIV in China. AIDS and Behaviour, 2019.


6. Xin Wang, Hongyan Liu, Jilei Wu, et al. Analysis on influencing factors for satisfaction degree of contraceptive services among floating married women. Population &Development, 2014. 20(6): 97-103.


7. Xin Wang, Hongyan Liu, Jilei Wu, et al. Factors associated with satisfaction of periconceptional health care among floating women in five cities of China. Chinese Journal of Reproductive Health, 2015, 26(1): 84-89.


8. Lin Zhu, Hongyan Liu, Jilei Wu, Xin Wang, Lijun Pei. Utilization of gynecological examination service and its related factors among floating women. Chinese Journal of Public Health, 2015, 31(3): 260-263.

Teaching Areas

Teaching Assistant

2016-present School of Public Health, Chinese University of Hong Kong

• Theories and Concepts of Health Behaviours

• Lifestyle and Health

• Mental Health as a Public Health Issue

• Research Methods in Community Health


2016–2020  Hong Kong PhD Fellowship at Chinese University of Hong Kong

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