B.A. in Sociology (Fudan University, China); Ph.D. in Sociology (CUHK)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: (852) 2252-8711

Email: chenxi@cuhk.edu.hk

Dr. CHEN Xi (陈曦)
Research Interests
  • Etiology of crime and deviance;

  • Medical sociology;

  • Interaction between genes and environment;

  • Migration;

  • Quantitative methods

Major Grants

Research Associate, “Genes, Environment, and Addictive Behaviors: A Pilot Study in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.” Funded by Social Science Collaborative Research Fund Scheme, CUHK(HK$ 400,000)


Co-I, “Monitoring Recent Changes of Cross-border Drug Use and Their Implications for Prevention/Control Strategies.” Funded by Beat Drugs Fund Project (BDF130035), Narcotics Division, Security Bureau (Amount of grant: HK$ 630,890).


Co-I, “Poverty, Inequality and Crime in Hong Kong, 1970-2011--A Spatio-Temporal Analysis Using GIS.” Funded by the Social Science Panel, CUHK (Amount of grant: HK$53, 656).

Selected Publications

Cheung, Nicole W.T., Yuet-wah Cheung and X. Chen. 2016. “Permissive attitude towards drug use, life satisfaction, and continuous drug use among psychoactive drug users in Hong Kong.” East Asian Archives of Psychiatry.


Chen, X., and H. Zhong. 2014 “The Relationship between Substance use and Criminal Involvement.” In Jianhong Liu et al. (eds.), New Encyclopedia of China against Drugs (in Chinese). Beijing, China: People’s Publishing House. Pp: 198-222.


Chen, X., and H. Zhong. 2013. “Delinquency and Crime among Immigrant Youth—An Integrative Review of Theoretical Explanations.” Laws, 2:210–232.  


Zhong, H., and X. Chen. 2013. “Crime, Victimization, and Criminal Policy in Hong Kong.” Journal of Guangxi University (Philosophy and Social Science), 35 (4): 62-68.


Chen, X., and H. Zhong. 2012. “Strain, Negative Emotions, and Delinquency of Migrant Adolescents.” Issue on Juvenile Crimes and Delinquency , 5:22-33.  


Chen, X. 2012. “Delinquency of Left-behind Adolescents in Rural China.” Zhejiang Social Sciences, 189 (5): 86-93.

Teaching Areas

Introduction to sociology; Chinese society; Research methods in social sciences.


2014-2015 and 2013-2014: Frank Ng Memorial Scholarship for Sociological Studies of Crime and Deviance, CUHK

Visiting Fellowship of Harvard-Yenching Institute


2013-2014: Reaching Out Award of HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund


2011-2012: Certificate of Outstanding Work, I∙Care Research and Studies Scheme, CUHK


2012.7: Graduate Scholar Award, 7th Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Conference


2010.6: Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai (上海市優秀畢業生)