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Other Research Areas

The Centre for Health Behaviours Research strives to be inclusive, comprehensive, and timely in the field of behavioral health. Newly funded projects currently focus on increasing the awareness, acceptability, and intention of organ donation as well as identifying public opinion about same-sex marriage and same-sex civil union in Hong Kong.

1. Organ Donation: 1) increasing organ donation registration; 2) adopting Social Marketing and digital public health techniques to design effective interventions.

CHBR was award two grants by the Health Care and Promotion Fund; both focus on increasing the organ donation registration prevalence in Hong Kong. Our current project utilizes a new form of public health promotion, digital health intervention via Facebook, to reach a wider audience base. Hospital Authority has been an important collaborator throughout both projects.


2. Health Policy: identifying public opinion regarding same-sex marriage and same-sex civil union in Hong Kong

Our recently funded grant by the Public Policy Research Funding Scheme—Central Policy Unit, aims to identify the level of support and opposition towards same-sex marriage/civil union among both the general Hong Kong population and Hong Kong homosexual population. As more rights are granted to same-sex couples worldwide, this project is highly relevant for policy making in Hong Kong.  

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