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Research on HIV & Sexual Health

Inter-disciplinary behavioral health research including behavioral health theories and behavioral interventions related to risk and preventive behaviors:

1. HIV related risk behaviors and multi-dimensional risk factors: Sexual risk behaviors and substance use among at risk populations (e.g. male sexually transmitted disease patients, men who have sex with men, clients of female sex workers and transgender women)

2. Theory-based behavioral interventions: Applying health behavioral theories to promote preventive behaviors (e.g., HIV testing, condom use) and biomedical HIV/STD intervention (e.g. male circumcision, pre-exposure prophylaxis, HPV vaccination, treatment as prevention) among at risk populations


Members from the Centre for Health Behaviours Research have been awarded over 35 grants on HIV & Sexual Health and have published a collective 149 articles related to HIV and/or sexual health in international peer-reviewed journals.

Important collaborators

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital

  • Princess Margaret Hospital

  • AIDS Concern


  • Heart-to-Heart

  • Society of AIDS Care

  • Hong Kong AIDS Foundation

  • Department of Psychology (CUHK)

  • Department of Sociology (CUHK)

  • Prof. Carl Latkin (John Hopkins University)

  • Prof. Kaveh Khoshnood (Yale University)

  • Dr. Ligang Yang (Guangdong Center for STD control)

  • Prof. Jianxin Zhang (Sichuan University).

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