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Research on Addiction

1. Internet Addiction: a) Using behavioral health theories to reduce and prevent excessive Internet use among Hong Kong secondary school students; b) Identifying risk factors among secondary school students associated with Internet Addiction.


The Centre has received two major grants in this area involving over 10,000 secondary school students in Hong Kong. Three peer-reviewed articles have been published in international journals with three others currently under review. Important and strong relationships have been made with Hong Kong Secondary Schools.



2. Substance Abuse: a) Identifying the needs of Hong Kong youth; b) Developing sustainable prevention programs targeted towards secondary students in Hong Kong.  


Among other funded projects, The Path-finding Adventure Project is a unique non-labeling and positively-framed secondary prevention program tailor-made to prevent high-risk behaviors (e.g. drug use) among secondary students in Hong Kong. This project has been active since 2011. Over 30 papers have been published on substance abuse from members in our Centre.

Important collaborators

  • The Fire Services Department

  • The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong

  • The Hong Kong Education Bureau



3. Smoking Cessation: utilizing digital health interventions to enhance social support and positive affect

The Centre has received funding from the Health and Medical Research Fund to test the efficacy of an online intervention to enhance social support and positive affect and its impact on social cessation. The project is scheduled to end in 2017. The Centre’s core members have authored five peer-reviewed articles related to smoking.

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