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Our mission is to integrate public health sciences with social sciences in order to improve the health of populations via better understanding of risk and preventive behaviours and the social determinants of health.

CHBR main objectives aim to:

  1. Establish health and behavioural sciences as strengths of the School of Public Health and Primary Care here at CUHK

  2. Train and create a critical mass of a multidisciplinary team including public health and social science experts

  3. Foster collaborative multidisciplinary research projects and joint funding applications within and external to the Centre

  4. Strengthen important areas of social epidemiology research in the School of Public Health and Primary Care

  5. Improve training of social epidemiology and behavioural sciences for new staff and the larger research community

  6. Serve as an interface organization that facilitates the integration between public health and social sciences in Hong Kong and in China

  7. Strengthen international and China research networks in these research areas

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