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Visiting Student Intern Program

OALC Summer Research Placement Programme for Mainland and Taiwan Students

To enhance further collaboration and strengthen the existing close partnerships with Universities in Mainland China and Taiwan, CUHK organizes a 7-week summer research placement program for Mainland and Taiwan students. Since 2008, the Office of Academic Links (China) (OALC) has coordinated this program every year with the support of various academic and research units from CUHK and Mainland China and Taiwan Universities. The program includes 7-weeks of research training, while also enjoying outings to some of Hong Kong’s must-see tourist destinations. View past year’s pictures here.

Over 400 students from partnering Universities have participated in previous years, and this year the Centre for Health Behaviours Research hosted six master students from Sun Yat-sen University. Each visiting student was placed under the supervision of one of the Centre’s core members. During their 7-week program, tasks included but were not limited to:

  • Qualitative field work to analyze the mental health of domestic helpers

  • Data analysis on: 1) susceptibility of HIV testing among MSM, 2) people living with HIV, 3) Internet addiction, 4) positive psychology of methadone treatment, and 5) Diabetes Mellitus patients  

  • Literature review and survey development on e-cigarette use among Hong Kong adolescents

  • Literature review on physical activity in Hong Kong preschool children

  • Preparation of materials for Diabetes Mellitus Intervention and Positive Psychology Intervention.

Financial Support is provided by the University for master and undergraduate students. Registration begins in the spring of each year.


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