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Visiting Student Intern Program

For students looking to gain international experience at a top University in Asia,

in a fast-paced and vibrant country

This is the program for you!

The Centre for Health Behaviours Research frequently accepts student interns year-round to work with our team for 1-6 months. We work with your needs and interest to place you in an area in which you can evolve as a researcher. Our most prominent research areas include:

  • HIV and sexual health

  • Addiction (Internet addiction, substance use, smoking and alcohol use)

  • Behavioral prevention of non-communicable diseases (physical activity, caregiver research, adherence, diet, and cancer prevention)

  • Ageing-related behaviors

  • Social media and health

  • Mental health in diseased groups and promotion

  • Vaccinations

  • Evidence building to implementation science


Program Details

  • This is a non-paid internship program and you are expected to cover the cost of travel to and from Hong Kong and living expenses

  • You will not need to pay any University tuition fees.

  • This is a non-credit bearing program however, many of our past interns have used this international experience to satisfy credits and internship requirements at their home institution. Please check with your institution and we will work to accommodate any requirements you need to meet

  • It is your responsibility to check with Hong Kong Immigration about visa requirements for participation; in many instances you will need to obtain a “Training Visa”. You will be responsible for any visa costs incurred.

If interested, please email


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