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Interdisciplinary Conference on Behavioural Health:
Social Science and Public Health Working Hand-in-Hand

28 June 2016   Guangzhou, China

SYSU/CUHK Interdisciplinary Conference on Behavioral Health was jointly held by Sun Yat-sen University School of Public Health and The Chinese University of Hong Kong JC School of Public Health and Primary Care on 28 June 2016 in Guangzhou, China. Prof. David Seal, Tulane University, Prof. Shui-Yuan Xiao, Central South University, and Prof. Feng Cheng, Tsinghua University were invited as Keynote Speakers.

The conference was attended by over 75 academic staff, research staff and PhD candidates from both CUHK and Sun Yat-sen University. Academic staff from both universities and CDC workers in Guangzhou presented their research work to ignite collaboration in behavioral health. The overall program focused on merging disciplines of social science, such as psychology and sociology, with public health to improve the overall well-being of the population. Areas of interest included interdisciplinary social science training for public health graduate students in China, doctor-patient relationships, sedentary behavior and physical activity, and psychological interventions.

The conference wrapped up with an insightful roundtable discussion on ways to build up behavioral health in China. Emphasis was placed on increasing behavioral health education among medical students. Panel members recommended that experts in this field give lectures and seminars across various Universities in Mainland China to increase knowledge and close the gap between public health and clinical science. Invited presenters from the Centre for Health Behaviours Research included Prof. Joseph Lau, Prof. Phoenix Mo, and Prof. Nelson Yeung. They were also joined by post-doctoral fellows, research assistants, and current PhD students from CHBR.

Scientific Program & Pictures


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