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Health Promotion Projects on Organ Donation

Community-driven social media campaigns for promoting organ donation registration in Hong Kong 

Project Website:

This project will implement a social media-base campaign aimed at promoting intention and behaviour towards organ donor registration in Hong Kong. There is a critical gap between organ demand and number of registered donors, as well as between those willing to donate and registered donors. Social media, particularly Facebook, is a novel setting for a community-driven promotion of organ donation with great potential. This project will utilize materials developed in a previous project and create a community-driven online movement to become organ donors. Social media tools, such as a Facebook page and hashtag, as well as a pre-developed Smart phone application, e-mail chains, and team competitions will be used.

We aim to establish a healthy and lasting environment where people can discuss organ donation comfortably, examine their position, and act on their decisions. The project has further benefits of building up a new health promotion model via using social media.

Funded by Health Care and Promotion Fund​


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[Photos] Winning organisations: MTR & HKU

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