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Health Promotion Projects on HIV & Sexual Health

An evidence-based knowledge transfer program promoting HIV self-testing with real-time online counselling for men who have sex with men in Hong Kong

Project Website:

HIV self-testing (HIVST) can potentially remove two main obstacles hindering HIV testing among local MSM, i.e. perceived stigma toward MSM shown by service providers and inconvenience to take up the test. The key target direct beneficiaries are local MSM, defined as Hong Kong Chinese speaking males of age ≥18 years old, who self-report having had anal sex with at least one man and had not taken up HIV testing in the last six months, and had not been diagnosed as HIV positive. Successful HIV prevention may also reduce the high medical cost (e.g. free medical treatment) supported by the government. 1) Participants will actively participate in the project as they will be asked to disseminate information about HIVST-online to up to three of peer friends who are also MSM by social media. 2) Users will also be requested to rate various aspects of their experience in taking up HIVST-online and provide comments on our HIVST-online webpage. Such testimonials will give references and confidences to other prospective testers in using HIVST-online. They will hence assist us to recruit users. 

Funded by Knowledge Transfer Project Fund


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