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BA (Yonsei University), PhD (New York University), MS (Columbia University)

Prof. YI Huso (李湖樹教授) 

Director of Research, CUHK Centre for Bioethics                                                                              
Assistant Professor, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, CUHK


Professor Huso Yi was trained in the field of psychology/philosophy (BA, Yonsei U), anthropology (Postgraduate, U Amsterdam), applied health psychology (MA and PhD, NYU), and biostatistics (Postdoctoral MS, Columbia U). He also completed medical ethics course (Certificate) at Imperial College London. Before joining the CUHK, he was an US NIH postdoctoral research fellow at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Department of Psychiatry (Ethics Core), Columbia University (2007-2010); Visiting Assistant Professor at the School of Sociology and Populations Study, Renmin University of China (2009-2010); Senior Research Associate at the Institute on International Research on Youth at Risk, National Development and Research Institute (2002-2007). His research focuses on global health ethics and empirical bioethics, ethno-epidemiology, theories and methodologies in mixed-methods, medical humanities, participatory research among disadvantaged populations, and social inequality in health. He is teaching courses of “Public Health Ethics and Law” (undergraduate) and “Ethics, Social Justice, and Global Health” (graduate). He is actively involved in several international research projects, including ethical, legal, and social implications (ELSI) in prenatal genetic testing and genomic medicine, comparative research on health-social care for autism spectrum conditions, human rights and health among migrant populations, and community-based participatory research (CBPR). He is also involved in UNESCO Bioethics, Asian Bioethics Networks (ABN) and WUN (Worldwide Universities Network) of Global Public Health Ethics and Justice.

Teaching Modules


  • PHPC3012: Public Health Ethics and Law (module coordinator)

  • PHPC3027: Qualitative Research (module coordinator) 

  • PHPC4014/4015: BSc Research and Practice Based Project (qualitative research)


  • PBHT5001: Qualitative Research Methods (module coordinator) 

  • PBHT5006: Practice of Qualitative Research Methods (module coordinator) 

  • PBHT5804: Ethics, Social Justice, and Global Health (module coordinator) 

  • PBHT6900: MPH Research Capstone Project (qualitative research)


  • Olivia Miu Yung Ngan (2012-2016) Obstetric Professionals’ Attitudes and Values in the Implementation of DNA-Sequencing Based Non-Invasive Prenatal Test for Down Syndrome in Hong Kong

  • Janice Ying Chui Lau (2012-2015) Informed Decision-Making of Undertaking DNA-Sequencing Based Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing for Down Syndrome among Pregnant Women in Hong Kong: A Qualitative Study

  • Bedru Hussen Mohammed (2012-2015) “Do men matter in maternal and child health?” Roles of men involvement in access to Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV services among pregnant women in Ethiopia.

Postgraduate Supervision
Research Interests

Prof. Huso Yi’s research has focused on empirical bioethics and global health justice through advancing theories, research methodologies, in particular of ethnography and mixed-methods analysis, and policies. He serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of Mixed-Methods Research and PLOS ONE. His interests include: 

  • Ethical, legal, social issues (ELSI) in genomics

  • Public health ethics and bioethics

  • Healthcare systems and policy for autism spectrum conditions

  • Social and medical model of disability

  • Urban health ecology and social inequality in health

  • Mixed-methods assessments

  • Multilevel intervention and evaluation: health systems

  • Social and sexual risk networks in hidden at-risk populations

  • Psychological anthropology of gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and mobility

  • Social movements in relation to health and science


Yi, H., Ngan, O.M.Y., Hallowell, N., Griffiths, S., & Sahota, D. (2015) Ethical concerns in the implementation of DNA sequencing-based non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy among obstetric professionals in Hong Kong. AJOB Empirical Bioethics, 6(1), 81-93

Ho, H., Yi, H., Griffiths, S. Chan, D. & Murray, S.M. “Do it yourself” in the Parent-professional partnership for the assessment and diagnosis of children with autism spectrum conditions in Hong Kong: Qualitative study. Autism 2014;18(7):832-44


Yi, H., Hallowell, N., Griffiths, S., & Leung, T.Y. (2013). Motivations for undertaking a DNA sequencing-based non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy: Qualitative study with early adopter patients in Hong Kong. PLOS ONE. 8(11):e81794. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0081794.​

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Selected Presentations in Bioethics and Medical Humanities
Yi, H., Ngan, M.Y.O., & Lau, Y.C.J. (2014, Jan). “Lost” in shared decision making over the clinical pathway from referral to consent for non-invasive prenatal testing for fetal aneuploidy: A mixed-methods study. Presented at the Society for Medical Decision Making Conference, Singapore, Jan 5-8, 2014.

Lau, Y.C.J., Yi, H., & Ngan, M.Y.O. (2013, Oct). Perceived benefits and needs of pregnant women undertaking DNA-sequencing based non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome in Hong Kong: A qualitative study. Presented at the 45th Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health Conference, Wuhan, China, Oct 25-27, 2013.
Ngan, M.Y.O., Yi, H. & Lau, Y.C.J. (2013, Oct). Public health implications of DNA-based non-invasive prenatal testing service for Down syndrome in Hong Kong. Presented at 45th Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health Conference, Wuhan, China, Oct 25-27, 2013.

Wong, H.T.H, Yi, H., & Lee, K.C.K. (2013, Nov). Sexual partnerships using location-based social networking among MSM in Hong Kong: A challenge in HIV prevention. Presented at the 11th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand, November 18 -22, 2013.

Lau, Y.C.J., Yi, H., & Ngan, M.Y.O. (2013, June). Selection of baby using mother’s blood: Narrative-medicine study of cell-free fetal DNA sequencing based prenatal genetic testing technology in Hong Kong. Presented Society for Medical Anthropology Conference, Tarragona, Spain, June 12-14, 2013.

Ho, H. Yi, H., & Murray, S.M. (2013, June). Parent-professional partnership in the care of children with autism spectrum conditions in Hong Kong. Presented at The Canadian Psychological Association's 74th Annual Convention being held at the Québec City Convention Centre, Québec, Québec, June 13-15, 2013.

Yi, H., Griffiths, S., Fong, H., & Chung, R. (2012, Nov). Health and migration: Hong Kong perspective. Presented at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) Public Health Network. The 2nd Research Exchange Workshop and Public Briefing on “Bringing the Migrant Health Discourse into Policy” Manila, Philippines. [Invited Presentation]

Yi, H. (2012, Oct). Value of health as intrinsic vs. instrumental. Presented at the 2012 Health and Humanities Symposium, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. [Invited Speech]
Yi, H., Lau, Y.C.J., & Ngan, M.Y.O. (2012, Aug). Social and ethical analysis of ultrasonography and prenatal genetic testing. Presented at the Body and Cognition meeting, Institute of Ethnology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
Yi, H. (2011, Oct). Between/within countries and up/down streams: Transnational health in Asia. Presented at the International Conference on Global Health and Public Health Education, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, HKSAR, China.
Yi, H. (2011, Aug). “Can I talk to Him? Or, Am I talking to me?” Transformative experience with a funeral. Presented at the conference of Bodily Feeling, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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