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Health Promotion Projects on Organ Donation

An integrated e-health and motivational interviewing intervention promoting expression of organ
donation wish to family members among those with such intent: A randomized controlled trial

This project aims to conduct an RCT to evaluate relative efficacy of an integrated (e-health online video exposure
and MI) and theory-based (SCT and HBM) intervention that included pre-prepared messages/images for EODWFM, versus the control condition (text messages sending out through smartphone only) in increasing prevalence of expression of organ donation wish to family members (EODWFM) among people who intended to donate organs after death in the Hong Kong adults; and to test the potential mediation effect of self-efficacy and perceived barriers related to EODWFM in explaining the difference in prevalence of EODWFM assessed at the 2-month post-intervention follow-up between the intervention and control groups.

A RCT will be conducted to evaluate relative efficacy of the theory-based intervention integrated e-health and MI versus a control involving only simple text information. After screening for eligibility, a 15-minute baseline telephone survey will be conducted before randomization. Evaluation will be made at 2-month post-promotion in the intervention and control groups, by conducting another 15-minute telephone survey. Telephone interviewers are experienced and blinded to the randomization status. Questions related to the program (e.g., perceived convenience, information clarity, and willingness to recommend the program to others) will also be asked for process evaluation.

Funded by Health and Medical Research Fund​


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