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Health Promotion Projects on Mental Health

Psychosocial correlates of mental health problems and mental health service utilization among foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong

Body dissatisfaction is an increasingly important mental health issue among young males. In the United States, as many as 90% of undergraduate males express a desire to become more muscular. With an increased popularity of presenting the mesomorphic body ideal (i.e., muscular but lean body) in media coverage, men are experiencing more pressure to fit with this ideal, which in turn could lead to body dissatisfaction, muscularity-related mental health problems, and risky muscularity-enhancement behaviors. Relevant studies are lacking in Chinese men. Although studies suggest Chinese men are less concerned about body images, we see bodybuilding and muscle-enhancement behaviors are increasing popular among young Chinese men from anecdotal evidences. This study aims to examine the psychosocial correlates of muscularity-related mental health problems and muscularity-enhancement behaviors among male college students in Hong Kong. The findings could provide recommendations for future interventions to promote healthier body self-perceptions among young Chinese men.

Funded by Direct Research Grant, CUHK


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