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Health Promotion Projects on CRC

A randomized controlled trial evaluating two e-health interventions (presence/absence of motivational interviewing) in increasing colorectal cancer screening among people aged 50-60 with moderate risk

CRC is locally prevalent, costly, and fatal. FIT screening can evidently prevent CRC and reduce its mortality. The local coverage is currently low to moderate for those recommended to receive FIT (~10-25%). Coverage is only moderate in countries providing free FIT to all suitable individuals as cost is not the sole determinant. We are developing evidence-based sustainable/scalable interventions and a model to increase the coverage, choosing among a lower cost and a more elaborated version versus the control. Such interventions(s), if found efficacious, will enhance the effectiveness of future governmental policy of providing free FIT and reduce CRC prevalence.

Funded by Health and Medical Research Fund


香港中文大學醫學院健康行為研究中心正在進行一項了解香港50-60歲人士對大腸癌篩查看法及行為健康的研究,為增加了解大腸癌篩查對於他們的健康的重要性。參加者將會被隨機地分成三組,每位參加者都會接受兩次的電話問卷訪問、透過手機定期收取關於大便隱血測試的電子短訊。另外兩組會加看一輯宣傳短片,而其中一組的參加者會接受一至兩次電話對談,視乎情況而定。每次電話訪問需要大約15分鐘。無論參加者被分配到哪一組, 我們都希望他們可以抽空去做大便隱血測試。因為參加篩查對保護他們的健康是很重要。而世界衛生組織都推薦大便隱血測試作為大腸癌篩查的方法之一。

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