Prof. KIM Jean Hee (金真希教授) 

AB (UC Berkeley), Magister Scientiae, Doctor Scientiae (Harvard University)

Director of Studies, Centre for Global Health; and 
Associate Professor 




Professor Kim has a background in both laboratory science and social sciences with training in molecular biology and anthropology. She completed her doctoral studies at Harvard University in HIV epidemiology with sub-concentrations in nutritional epidemiology and reproductive health. She came to Hong Kong as a recipient of Harvard University’s Sinclair-Kennedy Scholarship.  Her current research directions are at the interface of Social Epidemiology and Global Health. She is actively engaged in collaborations with the Department of Health and is interested in integrating methodologies from other fields into Public Health research.

Teaching Modules
  • Undergraduate Public Health Epidemiology 

  • Medical Year 2 & Medical Year 4 Public Health Teaching

  • Post-graduate courses epidemiological methods & data management

  • Post-graduate course in social & nutritional epidemiology

  • Post-graduate teaching in Global Health topics

  • Research Methods for PhD students

  • Technical Writing for PhD students

  • Master of Public Health tutorials

Research Interests

My primary areas of research interest is in the area of social epidemiology.
Specifically, I am interested in examining the interface between social factors (health behaviors, attitudes, and macro level global trends) and the health outcomes. In recent years, I have become interested in emerging health issues related to globalization such as alcohol consumption changes, emerging patterns of pathological internet use, reproductive health behaviors and quality of life.
My research uses quantitative methods from epidemiology to the following specific areas: 

  • Factors associated with alcohol consumption changes and alcohol misuse patterns, drunk driving and adolescent alcohol misuse

  • Behavioral aspects of infectious disease epidemiology (risk perceptions,information-seeking behaviors, help-seeking behaviors, and attitudinal risk factors, self-care behaviors, socio-demographic determinants) of infectious disease-related behaviors such as vaccinations and help-seeking, infectious disease transmission behaviors on health outcomes such as nutritional status, quality of life.

  • Reproductive health behaviors and sexual dysfunctions in relation to Quality of Life

  • Internet addiction and pathological internet use

  • Nutritional epidemiology in infectious disease and cancer patients.


Alcohol & Addictions

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Health Behaviors related to infectious diseases

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Reproductive Health Behaviors and Quality of Life

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Miscellaneous topics

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Book Chapters & Commissioned Technical Reports

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